Monday, 2 May 2016

Blue Roses Water Decal Nail Wraps from Charlies Nail Art

We're at the beginning of our British summer but so far the temperature has failed to rise, still feels like spring!  But things are starting to stir in the garden and plants are beginning to grow. So while I'm waiting for any signs of flowers in my garden I'll wear them on my nails instead!  So today's mani is using 'Blue Roses' full wrap water decals from Charlies Nail Art.  The full wrap decals are on a transparent background so you can see your base colour underneath, white in my case.  Each decal has gold glitter in the centre of each rose.  As like full wrap water decals I've tried before from Charlies Nail Art they are probably one of the best full wrap water decals I've tried because the wrap secures and wraps itself to your nail, all you have to do is tidy up the overlap and seal with top coat. Fancy a cheeky little discount at Charlies Nail Art?
If you love water decals as much as me, why not join the Facebook group I've set up called Wonderful Water Decals.
To the pics!!!!
The 'Blue Roses' full wrap water decals currently cost £0.89 and will cover 10 nails.  Available at Charlies Nail Art who have an huge range of nail art items.

You can also keep up with all the latest Charlies Nail Art info on FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+ & LinkedIn.  Charlies Nail Art is a UK based company and ships worldwide. UK postage starts from £1.75 and is FREE on UK orders over £20.

This product was sent to my for my honest review, have fun with your nails!

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Sunday, 1 May 2016

Flower, Rhinestone & Pearl Nail Decoration & Stamping Plate from Born Pretty Store

Nail decorations are the perfect way to pep up your mani, to give them interest & make them beautiful.  So today I have a couple of manis to show you using 3D Flower Nail Decorations from Born Pretty Store.  There are 2 in the pack, I've used both on one hand but you could use one on each hand.  The pretty blue flowers have a gold centre and teamed with dark blue rhinestones and tiny pearls.  Set in gold tone with a curved back, they fit wonderfully to your nail.  I used top coat to attach them however nail glue will be a more secure option.
First mani on the left - a shimmery pale blue with white stamping using  Stamping Plate BP-L029 also from Born Pretty Store.  The second mani on the right is a super cute peach topped with blue confetti nail polish to match the colours in the nail decoration.
Check out my video below and onto the pics!!!!
3D Flower Nail Decorations
Base colours L-R OPI Show Us Your Tips & OPI Got Myself into a Jam-balaya
Born Pretty Store Stamping Plate BP-L029

The 2pcs 3D Flower Nail Decorations are currently $2.39 / £1.68 / €2.17
 The Stamping Plate BP-L029 is currently $3.99 / £2.80 / €3.63 
You can also use my 10% discount code HXBQ10 which gets you 10% off full priced items. Check out the Born Pretty Store  website for loads of cool nail art goodies.


Saturday, 30 April 2016

Cube, Rectangle, Circle & Stars Nail Art Stamping Plate from Lady Queen

Here's a couple of my latest manis using a stamping plate from Lady Queen.  A circular plate divided into 4 designs, rectangles, cubes, stars and a block circle pattern.  The patterns compliment each other and can be used together in the same mani.
For my 2 manis I used shimmer polishes for the base and stamped in black.  The green shimmer mani on the left combines both the rectangle and block circle pattern  and the gold shimmer mani on the right is with the stars.
Lady Queen has lots of great nail art items and I have a discount code to share with you which gets you 15% off full priced items.
Please feel free to use my code - AELC15
To the pics!
The stamping plate currently costs $2.99 / £1.92 / €2.45
 You can also use my 15% discount code AELC15 which gets you 15% off! Check out the Lady Queen website for loads of cool nail art goodies.
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Thursday, 28 April 2016

smART Nails Stencils - Fireworks P078

When I was a little girl, and that was a looooong time ago, we only had fireworks on Bonfire Night (5th Nov).  Nowadays Fireworks are used for lots of celebrations throughout the year, from New Year's Eve, Weddings, Theme Parks and much more.  So if you like fireworks how about creating some fabulous manis using Firework stencils from smART Nails.  Using a dusky pink and purple sponged base I added the Firework stencils in silver, gold & red shimmer.  There are 10 stencils per pack in various designs and you can reuse each one a few times.  Stencils are a great way to create nail art.   Simply peel off the stencil from the backing paper.  The stencil is transparent so you can see exactly where to place it on the nail.  Press onto your dry nail and make sure there are no air bubbles.  Seal with top coat once the stencilled polish is completely dry to avoid smearing. To reuse the stencil I put the painted stencil on the plastic packaging the stencils came in, wiped the polish off with nail polish remover and it was good to use again.
I highly recommend these stencils because they are easy, effective, fun, inexpensive and a great way to decorate you nails.
  To the pics!

smART Nails stencils are currently $1.99 / £1.25 / €1.58 per pack and they offer international shipping at a flat rate of $5.
FREE shipping on orders $20+
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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Rosebud Nail Water Decals from Sparkly Nails

Roses have been long used as symbols in a number of societies.  Roses are ancient symbols of love and beauty. "Rose" means pink or red in a variety of languages.  So while I don't have any fresh cut roses at home I'll wear them on my nails instead!   Today's mani is OPI You're So Vain-illa as the base and topped with Rosebud water decals from Sparkly Nails.  There are 20 decals in the pack in different shades of pink edged in white.
If you've not tried water decals before, give them a go, simply soak in a little water, remove from the backing paper, apply to your painted nails and seal with top coat - done!
If you love water decals as much as me, why not join the Facebook group I've just set up called Wonderful Water Decals.
To the pics!!!!

And if you're wondering, the base is OPI You're so Vain-illa from the Coca-Cola collection
 The Rosebud water decals are currently £1.65.  Super value when you think you can easily create a full mani or numerous accent manis with these floral designs.  Available at Sparkly Nails who have an amazing range of nail art items; they offer a loyalty and an affiliate scheme, go sign up, I have, you may as well save as you spend!

You can also keep up with all the latest Sparkly Nails info on FacebookTwitter & Pinterest, and while your there check out their special Daily Deal! Sparkly Nails is a UK based company and ships worldwide. UK postage starts from £1.50.

This product was sent to my for my honest review, cute water decals, highly recommended, love them!

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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

*GIVEAWAY* Mont Bleu Nail Files & More!!

I'm delighted to share with you a fantastic Giveaway sponsored by Mont Bleu.  Design Glassware by Mont Bleu offers a vast range of beautiful products such as Glass Nail FilesTweezersManicure SetsNail ScissorsCompact MirrorsHair BrushesMakeup BrushesFashion JewelleryKeyrings and mobile charmsCard holders, and more, adorned with what ever colour Swarovski gems you can think of.  Their beautiful accessories are also available on Amazon.
And it gives me great pleasure to host the Giveaway, the 1st & 2nd prizes will be glass nails files from Mont Bleu, and the 3rd and 4th prizes of nail art items donated from myself.
Below are the set of 3 glass nail files from Mont Bleu. This collection is called “Waterfall White” and the colour choice is Fuchsia - Light Rose.  The set includes large (195 mm/7.68 in), medium (135 mm/5.32 in) and small (90 mm/3.54 in) crystal nail files.
They are made from Czech tempered glass in Bohemia and have a lifetime warranty on the filling surface. Files are hand decorated with Swarovski crystals and presented in black velvet sleeves.
I've divided the set into 2 prizes.  1st Prize the large file, 2nd Prize the medium & small file.
 1st Prize - The large glass nail file (195 mm/7.68 in)
 2nd Prize - The medium & small glass nail files
 medium (135 mm/5.32 in) & small (90 mm/3.54 in)

 3rd & 4th Prizes - a selection of nail art items donated by me which will include water decals, stickers, foils, a stamping plate and wraps
This is a quote from the website "There are some speculations on the web regarding the name “glass nail file” and “crystal nail file”. Some of the retailers provide inaccurate information, telling about differences in quality, production process and so on. The fact is tempered Czech glass is a crystal that comes after several stages of heat processing, therefore all so called “differences” are not more than marketing myth.
So don’t hesitate, if you are looking for glass nail file or crystal nail file you are on the right place."

free delivery
You can keep up to date with Design Glassware on FacebookTwitterBlog, AmazonInstagram & Google+.

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Please NO GIVEAWAY ACCOUNTS.  If the majority of posts on your account are giveaways your entries will be disqualified, I want these prizes to someone who will enjoy them, not who just want a freebie.