Monday, 30 April 2012

Review for Raven Cosmetics - Nails Inc Jermyn Street

I've received from the lovely team at Raven Cosmetics one of Nails Inc's top selling shades, the uber cool Jermyn Street, a super chic neutral.  Nails Inc Jermyn Street is quite unique as sometimes it looks taupe, sometimes brown, sometimes a dusky mauvy brown depending on the light and what you match it with.  I love this shade as it goes with everything and looks very smart.  Another great thing about this shade is that it looks great with toppers, I'll do another post on this shortly. 
Nails Inc Jermyn Street is available at Raven Cosmetics and you'll find it here for £6.95, normally £11 on the high street.  Now here comes the good part, when you order this polish with Raven Cosmetics it comes with a FREE Nails Inc mini nail polish if you follow them on Facebook, 15% discount and including UK P&P comes to a total of £7.91, yep £7.91 gets you one of Nails Inc's top selling shades plus a free Nails Inc mini nail polish, grab yourself a bargain and while you're there check out their other amazing offers on cosmetics, skincare, gift ideas and lucky dips.  International shipping available at £3.95.   Here's some more Nails Inc Jermyn Street....

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Review for Raven Cosmetics - Nails Inc Shoreditch

Here's my second review for Raven Cosmetics, a gorgeous stunning pink nail polish from Nails Inc called Shoreditch.
Shoreditch is a sophisticated Barbie Pink, great coverage after two coats and topped with Seche Vite to make this creme super glossy.  I love this fun bright colour in a grown up girlie kinda way.  Easy to apply brush and salon formula polish.  If you are a lover of your bright pinks this fab polish can be yours from Raven Cosmetics who have some AMAZING offers on this polish as well as lots of other brands.

Single Option £6.95
BOGOF Option £8.95
Within a 4 piece full size set Option 1 £11
Within a 4 piece full size set Option 2 £11

Yep, that's right you can buy a set of 4 full size Nails Inc Polishes which retail at £11 each for £11 in total which includes this fantastic shade.  Are they crazy bonkers over at Raven Cosmetics?  No, they are a dedicated team with a passion for cosmetic retailing.

OK, here's the maths bit, Boxed set of 4 for £11, including freebie Nails Inc Mini polish if you are a Facebook follower, 15% discount, and including UK P&P..........£11.35!!!!!  International shipping available at £3.95.

Whether you're just starting up with growing a nail polish collection or looking for bargain presents check out these great offers and they are great!  Onto some more pics.......

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Glossy Box April 2012 - The Natural Beauty Box

This month's Glossy Box theme is 'Natural' with five natural ethical beauty products in a 100% biodegradable box.  This the best Glossy Box I've had so far with 3 of the 5 products full size and suitable for my needs.  I actually feel a little bit spoilt which to be honest is how we should always feel when we receive these boxes, it's so disappointing when you get one, open it up and think 'oh, is that it?'.  Anyhoo, onto the pics.
'Natural 100% biodegradable' Box
 Monu Moisture Rich Collagen Cream, full size received £17.50/50ml
 Inika Cosmetics Organic Eyeliner in Peacock Blue full size received £11.75

 Figs & Rouge organic Lip Balm, Cherry & Vanilla, full size £3.29/8ml
 Burt's Bees Milk & Honey Body Lotion, full size £9.99/190g I received 70g = £3.68
 Caudalie SOS Thirst Quenching Serum £29.00/30ml, I received 10ml = £9.66
So by my calculations my £12.95 Glossy Box contained £45.88 worth of products, need I say more, apart from what's in your Glossy Box?

Review for Raven Cosmetics - Nails Inc Lancaster Gate

I've been extremely lucky and have been asked by Raven Cosmetics to review products from their online shop which I'll review individually.  First up a stunning Nails Inc nail polish named Lancaster Gate, a bright electric pink with a subtle lilac shimmer.  The polish is a little sheer and I needed 3 coats, however this wasn't a problem as the brush/formula make the polish easy to apply and I just enjoyed painting my nails.  This polish dries matte and on a plus dries very quickly so again no bother that I needed 3 coates.  Topped with Seche Vite to make it glossy and bring out the lilac shimmer.

I've had lots of lovely compliments on this shade which can be all yours for £6.95 at Raven Cosmetics.  I've worked out when you purchase this it comes with a Nails Inc mini nail polish as a bonus freebie, 15% discount and including UK P&P for a total £7.91, fantastic value as Nails Inc retails at £11 a bottle.  INTERNATIONAL shipping also available at £3.95.   So hurry on over to Raven's site, further info on my post here .

So onto some more photos of this gorgeous bright polish......

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

NOTD - Avon Decadence & Purple Glitter Flocking Powder

OK, so i've jumped on the Flocking Powder band wagon.  One of my Facebook friends sent me purple & yellow flocking powder that contain glitter too, 99p each from her local craft store.  Well here's my attempt, you can't really see the flock effect, and I could see the glitter when I was wearing it but the photo's don't really show it.  Hopefully when I try the yellow one it might show up more, anyhoo, onto the pics.....

As you can see Avon Decadence looks different colours in different lights, look more like the photo below than above.

 Arty Farty shot.
 So have you tried flocking powders yet?  Do tell.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Raven Cosmetics, International Shipping & Great Bargains

Raven Cosmetics is an online retailer specialising in branded cosmetics and skincare and here's some great reasons to check out their website and Facebook page.
  • 15% off every order and no minimum value
  • International shipping now only £3.95 
  • Join them on Facebook to get a free Nails Inc. 4ml nail polish with your order!
Current offers include 3 for £9 & 4 for £11 on Nails Inc boxed sets, click here for more info.  I've worked out that if I buy a boxed set of 4 for £11 (usually £11 a bottle!) it will cost £11.35 with UK P&P, 15% discount and a free mini Nails Inc thrown in!  Fantastic value!  

Be quick these sets are selling fast and stock is regularly updated.  Nails Inc is just one of many brands sold at Raven Cosmetics and other brands include China Glaze & OPI to name a few, plus under £1 and under £2 items and lucky dips.