Saturday, 3 August 2013

Magis Home Soak Off Kit

Hi everyone!  With gel nail polish becoming more available to use at home, it's inevitable that you'll need a removal system.  Yes you can use acetone nail polish remover and kitchen foil, but it's a bit of faff.  So thank heavens Magis has a Home Soak Off Kit with 50 individual foil squares which include an absorbant pad and acetone in an easy to apply bottle.  I've used the soak off kit for both gel nails and glitter nail polish, and we all know what a pain taking off glitter is!  First up removal of gel nail polish.
 The acetone bottle has a nozzle screw top and you simply soak the absorbant pad with acetone
 Wrap up your nails, the foils are the perfect size and the aluminium wraps fit securely to your fingers.  You can move around with the wraps on.
 Haute Polish Gel Nails
 10 minutes with the wraps on, the gel has lifted and easily scrapes off
 After clean up, gel free nails!
Now onto the glitter polish.  I love glitter nail polish but it's such hard work removing it.  So I put to the test a 3 layered glitter mani!
 Hey!  Look at this!
 Pulled out from the wraps, I was very pleasantly surprised at how much had come off so easily, no rubbing involved!  Where there was any polish left on my nails I simply pulled the absorbant pad from the used foil and used to take of the rest quickly and easily.
 After clean up, and I'm ready for more glitter polish!  Yay!
The Magis Home Soak Off Kit contains everything you need, wraps with pads, acetone, orange stick and instructions.  There's a demonstration on the Magis website of how to use the wraps.

The kit was sent to my for my honest review.  I can highly recommend this kit for removing glitter nail polish and gel nail polish you use at home.  I also used the kit to remove my friend's Orly Gel FX manicure but it was quite stubborn to remove.   I like the nozzle on the acetone bottle, this makes it easy to apply to the pad, and I liked the quality of the aluminium foil wraps and that you have the freedom to walk around and do stuff, rather than be restricted to your nails soaking in a bowl of acetone.  Big thumbs up from me, makes my life easier! 

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  1. I've been using this method for ages now, even did a blog post myself :) It's an awesome and much easier way of nail polish removal x