Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Llama Nails A-Z Challenge - B is for Blue Furry Nails!

The A-Z challenge is hosted by Llama Nails on Facebook.  Llama Nails is a group of nail enthusiasts that share their love of polish, stamping and nail art in a fun, creative, and non-dramatic atmosphere. Join them! All are welcome!  The only rule we have is no drama, save it for the llama!

We are on week 2 so that means 'B', this is my first mani for this challenge and I knew instantly what I was going to do.  I'd just received some Blue Furry Nail stickers from KKCenterHK after seeing them on Holographic Hussy's blog.

I used Nails Inc South Molton street as my base, placed the stickers on the tips of my nails and sealed the tips with SV.  That was on Friday, it's now Tuesday and altho' they're a bit grubby they are still well and truely on all my nails!

I got these from KK Centre HK for £2.44 however I have found them cheaper on Ebay for £2.10, not bad as you can get 2 manis out of them.

If you'd like to see some more blogs participating in this challenge, please check out the links below.


  1. Love it! I really thought you had done each little leopard spot individually somehow! Awesome stickers!!

  2. This is the first furry mani I have liked

  3. These lasted well! I don't think I ever have any mani last from friday to tuesday!

  4. These are amazing - looks like a professional job!